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What Is A Fixed Axle Frac Tank?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

A fixed axle frac tank is a convenient storage receptacle found in many manufacturing and commercial settings. Marley Industrial Services in Fillmore, Illinois, has over 65 years of combined experience in providing industrial coatings and liners, as well as painting services, to industrial clientele. Here are three facts about fixed axle frac tanks and our role in production environments.

• What Is A Fixed Axle Frac Tank? A fixed axle frac tank is an oversized storage tank made of heavy gauge steel. Given its exceptionally large size, it is hauled to a worksite by a tractor trailers, and liquids are often stored in the tank. Marley Industrial Services offers frac tank coatings and linings for clients working in a variety of different industries.

• What Makes A Fixed Axle Frac Tank Different? A standard frac tank does not have the all-important fixed axle. A fixed axle ensures that one wheel of the tank cannot move independently of the other wheels. This gives an added level of safety and security on the job site and allows the tank to be better controlled by workers and transporters.

What Is A Fixed Axle Frac Tank Used For? Liquid chemicals are most commonly stored in a fixed axle frac tank. They are used in an array of industrial settings, including construction sites, oil fields, pipeline projects, process plants, and sewage plant outages. The professionals at Marley Industrial Services are here to provide quality frac tank painting services that improve the look and performance of your job site.

Call Marley Industrial Services at (217) 538-2025 to learn more about our frac tank painting and industrial coatings and linings. You can also explore our other services, including corrosion prevention and steel painting. Marley Industrial Services is raising standards in the industrial coatings and linings industry — it's time to see how we can go to work for you.

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