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Our shop is located on a site with easy access to semi traffic. Conveniently located, and easily accessible from both I-70 and I-55. Multiple forklifts are available to load and unload most items. Structural steel can be offloaded and coated, freeing up your trailer for other needs.


The shop has a heated paint area for inclement weather, and we always have a NACE-certified coatings inspector on site during preparation and application of the coating system. We have many satisfied repeat customers that can attest to the level of quality at this facility. 


Small vessels and frack tank liners have successfully been completed with our plural component spray systems, and we also have the ability to clean and recoat construction equipment, semi-trailers, and agricultural equipment, and much more.


Our shop manager Aaron Marley has over 15 years’ experience and will give you an honest appraisal for any project. 

No Job To Big

Storage Tanks in the field. 

Sandblasting & Painting

Minimize field labor by having your project painted in our shop. 


Conforming to specific or unique metal fabrication needs as well as applying eco friendly coatings per request. 

Fixed Axle Frac Tank

Exterior: De-greased power wash  Epoxy-mastic prime, high solids polyurethane top coat exterior.

Interior: Due to the extensive interior corrosion the tank was completely sandblasted to a near white metal, and two coats of high solids epoxy liner were applied. 

We have the ability to handle and move Frack Tanks for our customers.

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Marley Industrial Services, Inc. 

21329 N. 11th Ave.

Fillmore, IL 62032



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