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Our team is compiled of veteran coating professionals with years of experience in the coatings and linings industry. 

We Services Many Different Industries:


  • Pipeline

  • Fuel storage tank facilities

  • Fuel transmission pipelines

  • Coal-fired power stations

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities

  • Fertilizer

  • Grain Storage

  • Food ingredient manufacturing facilities

Services on


Committed to superior quality and results.

Our business has taken us all over the United States. Sandblasting and painting the correct way isn't something that anyone can do it takes education and time to hone the craft.

We have the skills you need! 


MIS is capable of taking care of any of your liquid-applied coatings and lining needs. (Paints) 


The distinction between a coating and a lining needs to be made before you can decide what is necessary for your individual needs.

Need guidance on what would be the best solution to your needs? We have the personnel and direct contacts available to help on any project!

We can work together to provide you with a consultation to ensure you have all of the details to go in the right direction for your project. 



The fields of expertise include:

-  Potable water treatment
-  Waste water treatment
-  Power plants (nuclear and coal-fired)
-  Bridges
-  Refinery, fuel storage, pipeline
-  Pipeline Operator Qualified (OQ)
-  Structural steel, aluminum refining,
-  Coal mines
- Pulp or paper
-  Fertilizer, grain storage
-  Food processing (raw and processed)
-  Livestock handling
-  Concrete floor coating

- Public utilities

With our employee experience, you can see why we are confident that we can complete your project on time and within budget.



Corrosion prevention begins with education. The lack of quality inspection can lead to many coating failures, but the number one cause of coating failure is inadequate surface preparation. You can rest assured that MIS puts a high priority on surface preparation.  Method specified are followed with no exceptions.

Recommendations for surface preparation and coating systems can be asked for in advance, and we will involve the coating manufacturer for their opinion. The options will be made available for the customer, and the customer can decide on the system based on investment and the expected service life of the system.



MIS can provide all of your wet and dry abrasive blasting needs from traditional to more high-tech, eco-friendly, and even recyclable abrasives to help meet your project's specific needs whether they be on-site or off-site wet blast system to control dust. 


All methods are available in the shop or in the field. 

water jetting

NACE#5/ SSPC Sp12 is the joint standard that covers water jetting. Water jetting means the use of water alone to prepare the surface in a more environmentally-friendly manner. This surface preparation method will not produce a profile, but it will expose a profile if there is one already established from previous abrasive blasting. This method of surface preparation can even remove mill scale using the ultra-high pressure range, while low-pressure water cleaning is the pressure range used most often for cleaning chalk off of existing coatings. 

The main concern is the hazards of a possible life-threatening injection of water, therefore, all employees have adequate training prior to using any of the equipment. The current water jetting surface preparation standards have four different visible levels of surface cleanliness and three levels of cleanliness for nonvisible contaminates. While the surface cleanliness is a visual standard, the nonvisible contaminates can be checked using various test methods. 

Questions Regarding the level of cleanliness required for your project can be directed to any of our NACE-certified staff. 

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Marley Industrial Services, Inc. 

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